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CD - Letting Go and Live

This CD has the single Letting Go plus 28 minutes of bonus live tracks inc a 10 minute version of the as yet unreleased song 'Friends Forever'.

Track Listing:

Letting Go
To Behold (Live)
Upside Down (Live)
Letting Go (Live)
Friends Forever (Live)

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CD - The Festival EP

This CD has new versions of the first 4 Secrets singles with a running time of just over 20 minutes.

Track Listing:

To Behold
Upside Down

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CD - Dub Matter What It Is...Plus

This CD has a running time of just over 35 minutes and has all the instrumental material from the bands early days as well as the unheard track 'Opera' itself being over 8 minutes long.

Track Listing:

Dub Matter What It is (4.20)
Anymore (6.38)
New Dubs 3 (6.55)
Is Space Found? (3.59)
Opera (8.47)
Dub Matter What It Is (Lost Mix) (4.49)

Dub Matter

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